Digital Marketing for the Long-Haul.

Using Machine Learning, SEO, and PPC, we’ve created a revolutionary system for acquiring new clients that is years ahead of its time.

Cut Ad Waste by up to 90%

With our proprietary technology, we can target the most committed leads with more precision than ever before. Instead of marketing to a general audience, we only target those that are in-market and ready to make a decision.

Land More High-Ticket Clients.

Our clients are landing more high-ticket sales than anyone in their market. We put your message across all platforms to achieve omnipresence and stay top-of-mind.

Dominate your Market.

In order to avoid diluting the effects of this technology, we only work with one client per zip code. This gives our clients the confidence and the ability to dominate competitors and scale without limits.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Numbers

$35 - $85

Cost per lead

 5% - 10%

   Avg. Conversion Rate

   $400 - $800

 Avg. Cost Per New Client 

Industry Average

$200 - $400    

Cost per lead

5% - 10%
Avg. Conversion Rate

$2,000 - $3,000

Avg. Cost Per New Client 

“My Results have been unbelievable! In 30 days I've retained 5 new cases at high retainers.”



—  Daniel


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