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Marketing, defined.

To begin to understand how Machine Learning fits into your marketing strategy, it help to first explore the purpose of marketing. 

It begins with a consumer or business that has a need for something.

The purpose of marketing is to connect that person with a product or service that solves their need.

The end result is a satisfied customer, and a sale for the vendor.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising has only been able to target a large audience. Although targeting has gotten more advanced, you're still forced to show your message to thousands of people in order to find the ones who are interested.  

AI/Machine Learning Advertising

Using sophisticated technology, we're able to identify the people who are currently in the market for specific services. So instead of showing ads to 1000 people and hoping one is a buyer, we can identify the buyer and show the ad to only them. 

Know they aren't interested

Think they aren't interested



Ready to Commit


Only Potential Clients

Only a small percentage of people are actually in the market for a particular service. But traditional advertising requires you to show ads to all stages of the buying cycle.

How It Works


See Ad


See Ad




Data from sources such as URL navigation, Google searches, social media usage, cookie acceptance, and response to ads is collected and interpreted by advanced algorithms. 

The algorithms watch for certain high-priority actions, such as completing a purchase or making a buying decision. By looking back at the behaviors that led up to that action, they "learn" what patterns result in certain actions.

Knowing the behaviors that lead to an action allows us to flag users who exhibit those behaviors in the future. 

Put simply, if someone is repeatedly searching Google for "personal injury attorney Los Angeles" we can safely assume that they are in need and highly likely to commit soon.

Over 15 Billion pieces of data are collected each day. 

We're able to pull those highly interested people out of the crowd and show them your ad.

That's great, but humans have a notoriously bad memory. 

You've seen hundreds of ads in the past 24 hours. Can you name one?

We'll wait...

Solution: Re-Targeting

Re-targeting means that we can basically "follow" this audience around the internet, showing your ad repeatedly and making you the obvious choice. 

Omnipresence is Critical

The average consumer sees an ad 7 times before they make a purchasing decision. Therefore, you must be able to show the same person the same ad multiple times across multiple channels. 

Benefits of AI Marketing

Reduce Ad Spend

By targeting only people who will commit

Increase Efficiency

Get more clients for less money

Automate Client Acquisition

So you can focus entirely on working for your current clients

Ditch "Leads"

Receive only qualified, pre-screened potential clients

Run Circles Around Your Competitors

It will be years before your competitors even know that this technology exists

Case Studies
Denver Real Estate

In its first 3 weeks, an AI campaign for a Denver Real Estate Broker resulted in 334 qualified leads and 13 signed buyer contracts.

At an average commission of $12,000 per sale, the total revenue generated from this campaign exceeded $150,000. The total amount spent was $1,800.

Atlanta Chiropractor

An AI campaign for a Soft Tissue Chiropractor in Atlanta, GA generated over $25,000 in revenue in its first week.

17 new clients were gained at an average acquisition cost of $90 per client. Revenue from each client was between $1,200 and $1,500 on a payment plan.

Chicago Injury Attorney

In its first 30 days, an AI campaign for a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney resulted in 16 pre-qualified leads at an average cost of $40 per lead.


Prior to the AI campaign, they were averaging 1 lead per week at a cost of $200 per lead.


In Revenue from

New Clients


The Number of

Weekly Leads


Reduction in

Cost Per Lead

Lead Gen Agency

An established lead-generation agency saw a 50% reduction in cost per lead after incorporating AI into their marketing. 

361 new leads were produced over the course of 3 months, which created $90,250 in total revenue and a 803% Return On Investment.

"We've been really pleased with the results so far. Honestly, we were quite skeptical at first. The last marketing agency would send over hundreds of "leads", most of which were useless. It took hours to sort through them and contact people, so it's great to have these pre-qualified forms coming in."  

Ezra J.

Injury Attorney

Brian M.


"I can't recommend this enough! I've always had a healthy practice, with most of my business coming from referrals and word-of-mouth. However, this was the push we needed to really take it to the next level. I would say that we are now absolutely thriving." 

"This is amazing! 4 new signed contracts already! I'm actually a little embarrassed because people are getting jealous and asking me what my secret is. My boss even called to say that he's never seen a new agent get clients right out of the gate like this."

Karen S.

Real Estate Agent

John F.

Injury Attorney

"Before we started using this technology, we were bringing in about $20,000 per month, give or take. We're currently 2 months in and already up to $45,000 a month. Can't argue with those numbers! We're thrilled with the growth so far." 

Mark D.


"Great service! Clients are steadily coming in. We can definitely see the difference.


The world is changing and there is no place for passive client acquisition anymore.


A new breed of marketing has emerged and is barreling in, taking your clients and taking names.


In business, natural selection is king:

the fittest survive and the others disappear.


If you would like to join the winning side, let’s chat. 

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