The Only Failure that Exists is the Failure to Iterate

Failure doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me? Take a moment, right now, to define failure.

Can you?

Some common definitions might be: damaging your reputation, losing a bunch of money, giving up on your dreams, getting a bad grade, blowing up your business, not reaching a goal you set.

But guess what? None of those are failures because none of those are the final product. They’re just steps in the process. They’re points on the journey.

Failure is part of success. It always will be. You cannot have success without having failure.

So, the only failure that actually exists is the failure to iterate.

What does iterating look like?

Iterating is the ability to take a leap, analyze the results, and keep moving either in the same direction or in a new direction. It’s the process of learning from things that do and don’t work.

Because if you keep iterating, pivoting, and learning, you literally cannot fail. You will get there eventually.

The only failure that exists is not keeping yourself on track, dead-set on getting to the end-goal. And if you’re experiencing a “failure”, it just means that you’re not at the end-goal yet.

No harm in that, right? Just keep on movin’.


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